American Oak – 5th Fill Barrel

Softest of the three.  Subtle pears/fruits and candy.   The flavor and body of “Balcones”, gently oaked.  Light caramel on the finish and the wood pleasantly lingers.  Warm but doesn’t feel like 65.7% ABV.

Hungarian Oak – 2nd Fill Barrel

Mild fruits, banana and very “buttery”.  Sweeter with light cotton candy.  Finishes with baked fruits on a toasted crust.  Way smoother than it should be at 64.6%.   

French Oak – 1st Fill Barrel

Incredibly floral and aromatic.    All the spice!  Tangy citrus and orange, lots of oak – great combination. Feel the proof at 65.9% more than the others, but oh it’s a good burn.  A few drops of water bring the caramel to the surface.  Wait for it…

Available at Binny’s in the Chicagoland Area


A limited number of only (100) 750ml bottles were produced from each cask.   

All bottles are filled, labeled and individually numbered by hand.  

The Barrel and Bottle release identifier also is hand-written on each bottle.


1-1A       1st  B&B Release –  1st  Barrel   American Oak

1-2H       1st  B&B Release –  2nd Barrel  Hungarian Oak

1-3F        1st  B&B Release –  3rd Barrel   French Oak

This series of bottlings is not only a first ever single collection of the Deconstruction of Balcones, but is a great example of both oak terroir AND barrel usage/re-fills.  

The first fill French barrel has only been released once before with the incredibly successful bottling being nick-named Balcones “Froak”.  

Less than 25 sets are still available.

Barrel and Bottle, the Deconstruction of Balcones Texas Single Malt are available at Binny’s in the Chicagoland Area.     

Limited quantities at Family Beer and Liquor Store in Dubuque IL


About Barrel and Bottle

Barrel and Bottle is a concept that David Sweet has been working on for the last few years, developed from the array of celebratory barrel selections he has had the privilege of conducting and promoting over the years – some of which are noted collectible bottles today.

The concept is to present unique and outstanding examples of select brands in their true raw form, bringing the experience and excitement of barrel selections to the consumer!

“Of all of my experiences and opportunities in and around the whisky industry, doing barrel selections and having the opportunity to taste spirits in their purest form, is always one of the most exciting and intriguing – Raw, un-cut and un-filtered… Straight From The Cask

The bottle is a custom ceramic decanter that is a collaborative design by the Barrel and Bottle team and the very talented folks at Wade Ceramics in England.  Like so many ideas in the whisky industry, the decanter concept started on a cocktail napkin by Kate and Paul Farmer of Wade Ceramics in a bar with Dave while at a conference in Australia!  Talk about a truly international beginning !!

Upcoming new releases can be “pre-sampled” at the Whiskey and Barrel Nite events this fall.

We look forward to future special single barrel selections of both American and international releases, personally selected, and bottled and numbered by hand.

Always Straight From the Cask!

Available at Binny’s in the Chicagoland Area